What we offer

Our services include:

Both domestic and commercial boilers, stoves and warm air heaters
Both domestic and commercial boilers, fires and warm air heaters
Boilers and fires
We service both vaporising and pressure jet appliances from the new to the very old!
We carry out repairs to all types of boilers both Oil and Gas fired and carry repairs to heating and hot water systems.
We carry out boiler replacement upgrades and also install Rayburns and stoves both oil and gas fired.
Whether you are looking for a whole new system or just to add to an existing we can cover all requirements.
Whether you are looking to upgrade your boiler, radiators or system controls we can offer energy efficient advice on all aspects.
We can maintain, install and offer advice on both the traditional vented hot water cylinders and the more modern unvented pressurised hot water cylinders.
Whether you are looking to replace an existing oil tank or a new installation we can offer advice on the type and size of oil tank required. Leaked oil can end up in drains, many of which lead directly to rivers, streams and lakes having the same effect as pouring it directly into the watercourse. Just two liters of oil could seriously pollute the volume of fresh water needed to fill an Olympic sized swimming pool. This can lead to the owner of the oil incurring large fines.
Many systems become less efficient due to a build up of sludge and magnetite. This can have an effect on the heat distribution within the system. Our power flushing machine will circulate cleaning chemicals around the system removing the debris that should not be there. Once clean we re-fill the system and add inhibitor to help keep the system clean and aid circulation.
We are qualified to carry out landlord and safety inspections on appliances and systems. As a landlord you are required by law to have your tenanted properties appliances safety checked annually.
We can offer general or specific advice on boilers, systems and system controls. Replacement and upgrading can greatly increase your system efficiency and cut down on your fuel bills.

  • By installing a new high efficiency Condensing boiler you will use less fuel. Condensing boilers extract more heat from the flue gasses to pass into the water instead of expelling it out through the flue.

    Depending on circumstances Condensing boilers can save up to a third on annual fuel bills. However, whilst saving oil and therefore money, a Condensing boiler does have a large outlay cost compared to other fuel saving controls.

    Do you have a Time Clock installed?

    Do your radiators have Thermostatic valves fitted to them?

    Do you have a Room Thermostat installed?

    Do you have a fully pumped system with a Cylinder Thermostat fitted?

    The Time Clock is used to set the ‘on and off’ times of the central heating and hot water.

    Thermostatic Radiator valves enable you to set individual room temperatures. Rooms that have less use and just require background heat can have their valves turned down or even off.

    Where thermostatic valves are fitted so should an automatic by-pass. This valve automatically compensates for the pressure fluctuations within the system as the thermostatic valves operate, causing less strain on components and pipe work.

    The room thermostat – measures how warm your room is and adjusts the boiler operation accordingly. Room thermostats need a free flow of air to sense the temperature accurately – they must not be covered by curtains or blocked by furniture. Nearby electric fires, televisions or lamps could also stop them from working efficiently. The thermostat should be installed in a room that you use all the time and want to be the warmest. The radiators in this room should be supplying maximum heat to the room, either by not fitting thermostatic radiator valves to them, or by opening the valves to their maximum setting.
    By lowering the temperature on your room thermostat by 1 degree could save you around £65 per year on fuel bills.

    A fully pumped system is far more efficient than one that has pumped central heating and gravity hot water. A fully pumped system incorporates a Cylinder Thermostat. This thermostat enables the desired Hot Water temperature to be set. Once achieved and the thermostat satisfied the pump and boiler will shut down, again saving fuel. With a fully pumped system the hot water recovery is far quicker than that with a gravity system. This means the boiler will be operating for less time equaling fuel saved.

    By upgrading your system controls it will bring the system into line with the current building regulations. This will mean that if in the future you decide to upgrade your boiler the rest of the controls would be up to standard and not require upgrading.

    As well as your heating system upgrading your insulation and stopping draughts will make your house more efficient by keeping the heat in. It must be remembered that if installing double glazing or insulation permanent air supplies must be kept or installed to boilers that operate on a conventional flue.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

 We advise that CO2 detectors are fitted when you have any gas appliance or open flue oil appliance.


A remote acting Fire Valve is designed as a fire safety shut-off valve for use on oil burning equipment.  The valve is installed in the oil supply pipeline ideally outside the building with the sensor mounted inside the appliance.  In the event of a fire occurring, the sensory file will detect temperature rise and shut off the incoming oil supply.If you do not have a fire valve fitted, we recommend that you check with your insurance provider that you are covered in the event of a fire.  The cost to supply and fit a fire valve is approx £98 +VAT.  This product must be installed by an OFTEC registered engineer.

  • As we are members of Grant Engineering’s G-One scheme we can offer an increased boiler warranty from the standard two year to 5 years at no extra cost.

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